Defender Greatsword

“As tall as a man and a half. The faintly blue hue of the metal and alien design speaks of a mysterious origin”

          – Fragment of the recovered ledger of “Vault IV”

Defender Greatsword

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“Writing is a journey. Thus spoke my first teacher in the Arts and I knew I was in the right place. I left the basic classes weeks later – but I never forgot the joy of pen and paper.

My first book was lauded a masterpiece. But little did they know. My second book instilled such fear in those with the knowledge to understand my feat that they sought to destroy me. If you are reading this – they failed.

Capophonica was my key to Ascension. And you – whom I have reached through time and death to touch – must be asking yourself now: is Sybmyl a god?
The answer – I’m afraid – is complicated. Ascension is not godhood. It is merely one step closer.
Imagine a three dimensional labyrinth. Inside of it you can walk in all directions – not only physical ones. The metaphysics of future and past, life and death and more are all in play. But the labyrinth has a beginning – mortality. It has an end – godhood.
Any number of individuals may be set upon the path through the labyrinth and every path is unique. Things as mundane as birthright, accumulated power or even circumstance may set you upon your road.
For me dedication, sacrifice and – yes – writing was my path. For Suleima Malika it was exploration and daring. For Volarmazus it was simply becoming the greatest villain in the known world.

So to answer your question, Saga: I am no god, yet.

To Ascend – to achieve any kind of change really – one must leave something behind.
To truly achieve godhood – one must claim a Throne.

When you are ready – I will be here.”

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Cloak of Protection

“Its essentially a complex series of minor enchantments stringed together using ancient formulas that The University have painstakingly recovered and deciphered over decades.

There’s a minor displacement effect shifting the wearers image half an inch in a random direction. The edges will entangle bladed weapons, the folds buffer blunt instruments. The inside is a minor “hollow space” – we actually do not know what that means – that will absorb volatile energies. It will whip up sudden winds to repel arrows. And it does not absorb any liquids or dirt making sure it is always spotless. The rest I am not allowed to divulge right now. Faculty policy.

Certain documents mention that these were standard issue for legionaires – although I find that hard to believe. There are maybe seven people in the Empire – ten if you count the city states – that can fashion these and for anyone but me it would take weeks if not months.”

– Alessa

Cloak of Protection

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Third Replica of a Masterpiece

“No! No! The curve is too steep. The metal grainy. The enchantment… no! I cannot continue.
Azim, fetch my chair and some cool wine. I must sit and think on this failure”

– Grandmaster Arcanasmith Abdul Halar, moments before a fatal heart attack.



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“Found only where the liquid blood of the earth shines like a hidden sun. It cannot be created nor can the earth be cheated of it’s price. If you are worthy the Firegold will come to you and your works are blessed by the Azer.”

     – Translation from incomplete tablet, Northern Empire



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Staff of the Adder

“Approach the podium, inspect the object and grip it by the end you deem to be the safest”

          – University of Auria, records.
            Enchanted Items, 1st year, practical examns.


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Staff of Withering

“Truth be told I am relieved – imagine what kind of sick and twisted mind would set some inhuman skull atop a staff that wasn’t necromantic in nature. At least we now know we are dealing with a completely ordinary malevolent death-mage.”

          – Magister Superior


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