Dragon Age Bitch Slaps

The other day I was talking to my friend about the option of inserting a script into the original Dragon Age game which would allow you to have a homoerotic adventure with Alistair ( favorite non-existent heartthrob of both male and female gamers all over the world).

As this article on No More Lost explains BioWare has decided to motivate the gay geeks to spend their time playing the game instead of hacking it’s content (an effective buisness model that surely will result in a 100% hack-to-game conversion ratio… unless someone starts pining for fetish specific options that is).

I cringe, however, when the otherwise excellent retort from BioWare is framed as a resounding bitch slap. I really wish actual gay rights activists could command the relaxed tone and the eye-to-eye approach that David Gaider displays in his response. In my opinion gay rights could really benefit from dismounting the moral high horse from which it liberally dispends ridicule and “bad-human-being” -badges to those who does not display the right opinions.

David Gaider is indeed very right when he says that:

“While an ignorant opinion politely expressed doesn’t make it less ignorant…”

But more importantly he also states that:

“…No matter the opinion, I think how it’s expressed deserves the same in kind. If you can’t do that, refrain.”

It’s often said that the key to spreading acceptance of alternative sexualities is to educate. I sincerely wish that No More Lost would have chosen to present the “Straight Male Gamer” as “The Guy Who Argued and Learned” rather than “The Guy Who Was Told Off In A Manner Befitting His Wrong Ass Opinions”. I don’t expect anyone to be willing to learn from someone who quite obviously despise him.


5 responses

  1. The problem, is that he didn’t argue and learned. he argued, and kept arguing.

    The article wasn’t about the bitch slap – it wend somewhat unexpectedly viral and perhaps that what people heve decided to focus on. The article was about the absurdity of the complaint, and the unusually amaing response that BioWare made to it.

    March 28, 2011 at 07:08

    • I certianly see your point. Especially given the fact that the “Straight Male Gamer” apparently posted his argument several times on the forums. There seems to be very little in the way of learning there.

      It may be unfair of me to focus on that single aspect of the article. But for me it is a symptom of a larger issue we’re experiencing when it comes to campaining for acceptance. It might be true that BioWare delivers…
      “a sharp lesson to this gamer on the subject of Straight Male privilege!”
      …but I still think that a statement like that does little good other than allowing us to feel smug about it.

      March 28, 2011 at 12:56

      • Indeed… I do likewise see your point.

        With regards to the statement you quoted there though, much as I understand your objection to it, I should also clarify that it’s point was an expression of how unusual it is that a large company, let alone a games developer, would have such a firm grasp of the issues and even social scientific concepts in this area, let alone to actually issue a statement of this kind on their forums. I do, however, see how it could be taken both ways.

        The thing with No More Lost, is that part of it’s reason for being is to give information to people that can help them to feel good about themselves… Not so much in the sense of feeling smug, but in the sense that there are people outh there suffering from hatred and bigotry feeling terrible about theirselves as a result even to the point where some may wish to take their own lives. We hope to show that it doesn’t have to be like that, and as well as updating on what’s going on in the world and commenting on various issues, we try to also show that things can be – and sometimes are – not as they seem… that even if times are dark, they aren’t dark everywhere and all the time… that there’s progress out there, and support too.

        We didn’t really expect that post to go viral and it rather took us by surprise. Given that it did though, I can easily see how it could be seen as something to be smug about for sure. I can only assure yourself that it really wasn’t intended in that way.

        March 28, 2011 at 13:06

  2. Took me some time to figure out you were the author Krissie. I am sorry for pouncing on your post in order to discuss my pet peeve.

    The viral effect is easily explained: your post is one of the only places I’ve seen an exposition of the whole story as well as offering insights as to what it all means on a larger scale.

    March 29, 2011 at 09:13

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