“Sansha’s Nation

Founded by Caldari megalomaniac Sansha Kuvakei, the Nation was created to be a personal vehicle for unfettered technological research and arms manufacturing, and sold to thousands of eager colonists as a new Paradise where every citizen is free to pursue their dreams. Deep in his secret facilities in the heart of Stain, Sansha melded man and machine to create unquestioning cybernetic slaves who he intended to serve as soldiers in the coming war.

When the Empires discovered the true extent of his work, and the threat he posed to civilization throughout the EVE cluster, they put aside their differences for one singular moment and united to purge Sansha’s Nation from the map. While they succeeded in destroying his colonies and the bulk of his equipment, they failed to decisively complete the job; Sansha’s corpse has never been found, the True Slaves were never truly exterminated, and in the intervening years their numbers seem to have started growing once again… “

Now Sansha’s Nation is launching incursions into otherwise secure space, CONCORD calls the capsuleers to arms and luckily I do not have to concern myself with this at all since EVE remains such a vast game where your focus is for yourself to decide. Currently I’m working on my skills at building advanced spacecraft and extracting resources from planets.

So yeah, I recently re-activated my EVE account and I’m at a loss figuring out why I put it on pause in the first place.

EVE is a complex game and I can see why many people shy away from it. It lacks a definite goal and a clear path of progression (quite unlike my other vice, the dread juggernaut that is WOW). In EVE you’ll have to figure out what interests you, what goals you want to work towards and then, most importantly, how you’re going to do it. There’s a multitude of choices before you and like the vast empty space you pilot your ship through it can be a bit daunting. I do, however, appreciate the complexity as it lets me engage in some very effective immersion.

EVE would be a really good setting for roleplaying. It has a vast and well documented (but not too documented, mind you) world, there’s some very real NPC powers who will react to your actions in the universe and all information is not instantly available to you. It’s actually possible to hide from someone in EVE.

I play a Caldari named Kinachi Roi, a scientist with a military background. She achieved capsuleer status late in life and knows what it means to work hard in the Caldari state. Unlike younger capsuleers who celebrate their new-found immortality by blazing through the heavens, leaving fire and flames in their wake, she is stern, patient and quietly industrious. She has plans, she is the CEO of her own small corporation and she’s got all the time in the world now.

In accordance with her military background I spent the early days of the game doing missions for the Caldari Navy. Learning how to handle Caldari missile technology and flying the appropriate ships. Frigates, destroyers, cruisers and now her mighty Drake battlecruiser: “Silver Wings” (guess the reference). This left her with a good standing with the Caldari State and Navy but with a bad rep with the Gallente and, by association, the Minmatar.

However Kinachi is a scientist and mechanic at heart and soon she turned to Lai Dai and started learning the skills of Caldari Spaceship Engineering as well as doing research on the subject. However she finds the Lai Dai approach to spaceship design a bit too all round for her tastes and as such she turned to Ishukone where she learned the skills of mechanical engineering as well. Already producing frigates, industrial ships and mining vessels she is now in the process of improving on her blueprints and using invention to produce deadly specialised ships based on her frigate designs.

Being worried about having all of her assets invested in something as fickle as research and production however… Kinachi has ventured to learn the skills of planet-based industry. Establishing her base of operations in the Iro system, which also contains Ishukone facilities for her research, she is currently mining four planets for various resources as well as setting up a dense industrial complex for processing and refining before the final goods are hauled off to be sold on the open market.

The thing I like the most about the content Incursion brings to EVE is the planetary interaction. Even though the mechanics themselves are rather simple as it is it helps creating a feeling of a universe where every scrap of wealth is yours for the taking. Want to strip mine asteroids? Pry rarities out of moons? Bore into a solar systems planet? You got it. And as always with EVE the process is complex and exists to fill a need. You can sell the components you manufacture on the open market if you want to. But the raw materials supplied by the planets play an important role in the player universe as well as they are used to create the fuel that player owned space stations consume. There’s talk about improvements on the planetary system allowing players to engage in even more complex industry but also opening up for the possibility of messing with your competitors installations. This is all very exciting and the possibilities of tapping into the universal resources of EVE has not hit a hard limit yet. I am, for example, looking forward to seeing suggestions for a system that allows players to gather energy from the many suns that until now are just sitting there… unexploited.


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