The Insomniac Nation

Sometimes I can’t sleep. Sometimes I just like to stay up until morning. I love  the quiet, the electric light and a cup of hot tea.

The other night, while actually asleep, I had a dream about the other people who feel like I do. I was flying over my street and all the windows except mine were dark. I could even see myself sitting in front of my screen.

But then my vision zoomed to the end of the street where another window was alight and a girl was sitting with her headphones on and an unlit cigarette hanging from her lips.

From this new vantage point I could see yet another window whose light was on… and anohter… and another! I was reluctant to accept the feeling of togtherness I was experiencing. I think we all seek solitude when we neglect our sleep. But then I decided to enjoy the knowledge of my kindred spirits out there and it seemed to me that a fellowship of loners wasn’t such a ludacris idea after all.

I decided that this kingdom of lit windows should be The Insomniac Nation.


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