Diary of Kinachi Roi 1

Even though the capsuleer training program spent considerable time preparing me for the loss of a sleep cycle, both with the initial chemical compounds as with implants, I still find myself at odds with some deep instinct when I’m nearing 40 hours of lab time. Usually I can maintain productive functions for as much as 63 hours, without stimulants, quite easily. But even when I’m flying Silver Wings, which is well capable of scorching the surface of a planet, I find myself hearing my mothers high pitch: “Roi! Time for bed now. Put down the reader“. Bothersome.

I have spent most of my time in the Ishukone labs for the past month. I was elated when finally my research started to yield very specific results. Being trained as a theoretical physicist I am still having some trouble not running off on a tangent when my work presents an interesting challenge. Still… forcing myself to think of everything within the context of ship engineering has its advantages.

Last week I managed to finally complete my first blueprint for a Cerberus ship. I do not presume to think I will be the first to break Lai Dai’s monopoly on the design but I am proud of the fact that I have done so purely by the power of my own knowledge and research. The process has been completely legal and thus I have already opened all of my archives up to the inevitable scrutiny I must endure from the Caldari Buisness Tribunal.

After this breakthrough I managed to work out the last problems I had with some other cruiser blueprints but the Cerberus still stands as a milestone for me (and I constantly have to remind myself that I am not building toys for personal use however much I’m pining for an opportunity to try out one of these exalted missile platforms). I am still maintaining my production of blueprints for advanced frigates of course. That process I have got firmly down to routine.

My planetary installations continue to yield the raw minerals I need for the industry complec I have set up on Iro X. While I do welcome the ISK that flows from this buisness I find it rather uninteresting to simply toil away like a mule, extracting materials and shipping them off to the market (I can rarely be bothered to go to Jita anymore, the local Amarr markets provide me with enough of a profit). The only thing that continues to provide a fleeting amount of, dare I say it, excitement is the protocols for and calculations relating to extracting the minerals from the various planets. With just a little afterthought and effort it is possible fo rme to optimize the yield considerably… and I do enjoy optimization. Moteado, bless him, did provide me with somewhat of a challenge recently as he needed Camera Drones for one of his projects (I know not which, presumably something to do with stripping asteroids as he is wont to, perhaps he wishes to document the process? No doubt that could be an… exhilarating 30+ hour documentary). While I did have plenty of the materials needed at hand the logistics and proocesses needed to actually produce the volumes he craved proved a much welcome break from my daily routines. I am also glad that we could both profit from this venture. Our partnership in Nimitsua is something I am much satisfied with.

As pleased as I sound with all this I must admit that right now I am in a tempestous mood. All because of the market price of Ferrogel, of all things, and some other materials I need to actually put the ships I am researching into production. I know that the materials needed for such advanced engineering are the result of hard labor and rare substances that must be mined at considerable risk from moons and gas clouds. I can not,  however, shake the feeling that I am dealing with at least 3 or 4 middle men when I am trying to purchase these materials on the open market.

If I want the actual production of these ships to yield a solid profit I will have to find a better supply of these materials. Or perhaps someone who produces the components themselves (even though I do have well improved blueprints of these myself).

As it is now I am considering just offering my blueprints on the market while I pursue a solution to the pricing problem. Preferably one that does not involve setting up a full fledged space station rip the bloody materials out of a moon myself (NOTE: talk to Moteado about the advantages of mining moons instead of asteroids).

Planetside Industry Complex

Station Workscreen


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