Two things that excite me:


It might seem like a minor thing but in a game where you can spend all of your time flying around in space shooting… stuff it’s important to look good while doing it. Quite often I have found myself disapointed with the seemingly universial design for turrets. Be they railguns, missile launchers, lasers or even tractor beams they all looked the same on all kinds of ships. I am glad to see this rectified!


As mentioned before: flying around in space. Space has to be pretty. A lot of people I know stare at the black voids you sometimes encounter in the EVE universe and express their surprise that you can stand to watch this for hours. Usually I explain them that I will, at any given point, have a lot of windows open… checking the markets or the starmap and so forth. But I can see why a black screen with some stars on them will dissuade some people. This is an important step to making the EVE universe a lot more exciting to travel through.


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