Sushi + Dog = Rant

The good thing about dogsitting my moms dog is that she lives pretty close to Værnedamsvej, one of the most cosy and lively streets in Copenhagen, where you can find a lot of good food.

Being fond of sushi and having tried quite a few sushi places in Copenhagen I decided to opt for Dondon, which has six or so stores in the city. As you can tell from the picture it wasn’t a bad meal (apart from the fact that there’s never enough ginger). I must admit that I’m getting bored with the  “standard” sushi package though. I like that Dondon includes a seaweed salad to spice things up a little (as well as enough wasabi to kill a baby elephant) but at some point the standard rolls and nigiri needs more than various green accesories to excite me.

So what is it I want then? More variation, some creativity and not having to pay for three meals in order to feel like I’ve had a half.

I love Sushi2500‘s special “Valby Rulle” a roll they constructed themselves and which, according to me, is a must if you ever order from that place. I also love that Dondon has a selcetion of soups, salads and a “Black Menu” that features sushi made with black rice. It is such a shame that these grains of creativity is overshadowed by the regular roll/nigiri selection and as a result becomes far too expensive. At some point the picture of my meal have become what everyone thinks about when someone says “sushi” and I feel we are missing the point: that sushi is supposed to be creative and we are supposed to have an opinion.

The restaurant experience in Copenhagen is, in my optics, very centered around strong concepts that you visit and experience. We adore the creative chefs of Noma, the experts at Kiin Kiin, the posh of Nimb and the cleraly communicated ideas of the Cofoco restaurants. But the average quest does not think about what he is eating before it’s on his plate. They are all things we let happen to us… and afterwards we declare it was delicious.

Give me a sushi place where I have to put my own box together, where they ask me if I’m partial to lemongrass and if I’d like to try this new thing they’ve been working on…

Aaaah. Rant over.


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