Dragon Age Bitch Slaps II

Krissie, the original author of the post on No More Lost I commented on myself, mentioned that this had gone viral. I find that I very much agree.

Penny Arcade has their own view on things which, as expected, has very little to do with mainstream human/human sexuality (I hear those guys have wifes… and a ranch). From that realm I also learned that some gay people want David Gaider fired for his stereotyped portrayal of gay men.

Meanwhile; the OP himself has made use of the edit button. As Krissie said he is indeed not-the guy-who-argued-and-learned. He did pick up on one thing though:

I don’t see how Gaider’s reply was in anyway blasting my arguments.”

Gaider was indeed not blasting the argument (but in case he wanted those blasted Torill does it quite nicely here) he was blasting an opinion (which he found uninformed and offensive) and that’s a very important distinction. Priviledge and those so completely entrenched in it that they cannot imagine how things look on the other side of being catered to 99% of the time (and this I stole from a feminist) was being blasted.

In other words: he was not blasting the argument, he was blasting you.


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