Carry The Flag!

This is my Elf Noble mounted on a Tiranoc Chariot, proudly sporting the army banner. Besides being an awesome miniature it’s also a unit that packs some serious punch.

I’ve always liked chariot units. They are fast, agile (as long as you stay clear of difficult terrain), somewhat durable and they rely heavily on delivering a devastating blow to the enemy that will have them flee from combat on the first turn. Favoring an army whose main strike force is cavalry this is a nice way for me to get the army banner up there and into the battle. As elves are expensive to field you just can’t afford to let a hero like this sit back with the banner safely out of the enemys reach. If that is your strategy you might as well not include an army banner in the first place.

Depending on the situation I like to keep the banner close to my cavalry, let them engage the enemy first and then drive into the enemy flank causing impact hits and adding to the combat resolution (you can always use that extra point). Let’s not ignore the fact that an elf noble is quite capable of chopping up a few enemies himself. The combined charge of the cavalry and chariot is a difficult thing to withstand and given the elves superior mobility also hard to avoid.

If the enemy has a lot of regiments made up of cheap fooder I sometimes opt to make the banner the centre of a chariot strike force. The other Tiranoc Chariot in my army and the Lion Chariot combined have caused a wave of panic in a horde army more than once as they slice through unit after unit. Having your chosen champion carry the flag through bloody ruin in a bold and daring frontal assault is the stuff of legends.


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