Diary of Kincahi Roi 2

Today a section of the hallways on the station had been sealed off due to an explosion that appears to have been set off by a Sansha Loyalist. The culprit will be happy to know that he, by his death, sucesfully has caused  people to have to make a detour of several kilometers for an extended period of time. And they say that one man can not have an impact on the universe.

As I tend to let my mind wander when I walk I often stick to well known, but not always time-efficient, routes and as such I found myself walking past the lab. I was surprised and could not resist the urge to walk in and inspect the consoles. As expected all of the long term processes I am running was being tracked and the data stored in the specialized cores I have manifactured. None of that was unexpected, of course, as I monitor these processes remotely on a regular basis. What caused my surprise was the sudden realisation that it’s been weeks since last I was in here doing hands on work.

I spend most of my time in the hangar and workshop now. My hands have started to regain the patches of rough skin I sorely missed after my first reincarnation in this clone.  As I stood there I realised that I had reached one of my long term goals without even making any notice of it. I tend to loose myself in the processes, working ever forward, it’s like a dream-state to me. Only once in a while do I step back to look at the broad picture and plan my next course of action. I wonder if this is a common condition in capsuleers who devote their time to scientific study. I will have to look into that.

My industrial aspirations have been fruitful. After completing the first blueprints I was much frustrated with the apparent ineffective effort involved with physically manifesting the results of my research I find that the ships I always dreamed about creating are, in lack of better words, rolling out of my workshop. To think I would find so much satisfaction in common mechanical work. The workshop is a place of beauty. As complex as one of my data archives, busy as a beehive and utterly inhuman. Assembly drones and robotic henchmen of all sorts are moving here and there, the guy who sometimes deliver my lunch has been known to stop and stare at it all, his jaw hanging open. I assume that when you end up as a deliveryboy such complexity can be too much for your brain to take in. In any case: I am very much pleased.

A week ago my first Buzzard and a Manticore was loaded on a ship bound for Jita. Today I finished my work on a special order for a Crow, a ship that otherwise sees very little use I’m told, and I am currently working on two electronic attack frigates: the Kitsune. I had not imagined setting up a line of assembly for such varied and complex ships would be so easy. Yet here we are.

I turn a fair profit on this work. Honestly the money is little more than a distraction to me. The satisfaction of the work is what drives me. Still, a fair 4-10 million ISK profit depending on the ship type is a nice bonus. My work has not gone unnoticed either: I have recieved a couple of private orders on specific ship types. The through work I have done on my blueprints and my research means that I can easily undercut the competition if I so wished and that margain of profit allows me to offer these private contractors, usually capsuleers like myself, favorable prices. As it stands now I gain little on these deals other than the benefits of networking but that is no litle thing. Forging alliances is of great import in this universe.

As the frigate construction is up and running I turn my attention to larger, quite literally so, tasks. I am going to crunstruct cruisers.


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