Lion Chariot

Lion. Chariot. It’s a chariot being pulled by lions. Like the Dragon Mage it’s a new unit and very much an attempt to kill off the slightly wussy image the High Elves have. This is a chariot manned by guys with big axes and lions at the front. NOT WUSSY!

Even though the Lion Chariot is slower than the Tiranoc Chariot I still think of it as an upgrade of the “basic” High Elf chariot unit (and the points cost does agree with me). I like it because it’s more durable and the attacks of the crew (which hits home at a nice S6) are more than just a formality. I can actually use this unit as the center of a chariot force and rely on them to hold on in close combat if the initial charge fails to break the enemy.

I modified the model slightly so that the crewman is holding aloft the banner. I really like this piece. It’s fierce and elegant and has a banner. One of my goals is to have each and every unit in my army sport a banner/flag/pendant/ribbon of some sort. The only thing I didn’t like about putting it together was that the crew models were hard to work with. But I got over it and I’m happy with the result.


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