I just returned from a trip to the US. Chicago, Illinois to be precise. It’s really hard to grasp how big that place is. Saying that I was just in the US makes as much sense as saying that I placed an electron in my wallet. I’m not much for writing detailed accounts of my travels but I’m sure things will pop up. It was great to explore a different city, a different culture and finding out that jetlag is actually real. I know this because for the first week there I went to bed in the evening and got up in the morning. It’s good to be back home.

Millenium Park

Speaking of the US: I just stumpled upon some video from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in which the esteemed president makes a joke. Actually several. Then some guy gets on stage and does about 20 minutes of uninterrupted joking. Some more elegant than others. But good job still.

Through it all Donald Trump looks like Bjork did when Robyn covered Hyperballad. Can’t say I blame him. After all he has to sit down for 40 minutes of barbed jokes from the other side of the political spectrum with no hope of retaliation. I wonder if that’s just how things are done. No quarter asked or given. You take all the cheap shots you possibly can. No wonder the political climate festers as it does.


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