Green = Cool

We have been proclaimed the happiest people in the world and now we are also the coolest green city in Europe!

Mostly Danish people react to this with a great big “HUH?!””. Our ways does not allow for thinking we might be…  cool. In fact it’s kindof a national sport to ridicule the hipsters in Kødbyen.

Nor do we place much pride in our green initiatives. In fact we think eco-food and products are far too expensive. As for our nations windmill parks… we tolerate them. Barely.

Resting on the laurels of having had the best public schools more than twenty years ago… no problem though. Even though we are pratically making students sitting on top of each other in the classrooms, even though we do badly at any test you hurl at us and in spite of students and teachers loudly complaining about the abominable conditions… we still consider ourselves top of the heap.

Odd nation indeed.

(did I get political there?)


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