Diary of Kinachi Roi 3

Realising I have been wasting a lot of materials (and therefore mony) I decided to put the production of spaceship components on hold while performing the research required to reduce the amount of raw materials I use up.

This has left me with some free time that I have been spending getting used to my new Buzzard (a replacement for my lost Myst, a Heron).

I must admit that I feel quite uneasy piloting Myst II. It’s like traversing space wearing a tinfoil suit! I’m used to the secure and comforting feeling of Silver Wings’ armor and the peaceful resonance of the shield systems. Knowing a single salvo of missiles can take you out of action certianly makes you double check coordinates quite often.

The ship is has been growing on me though. What it lacks in defensive (and indeed offensive) capabilities it makes up for in a lot of other capacities. I was amazed as I monitored the first test of the cloaking device, what better defence than being invisible after all? (even though it has it’s limits, kinks and a tendency to make the ships processor cores reach temperatures that rival those of the engine).

The multitude of gadgets I can fit on this thing is another secret pleasure of mine. The ship is an information gathering powerhouse. With quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

Lastly the speed, with a few upgrades, is superior to any ship I’ve commanded. With the use of a simple afterburner I can easily run at 800 m/s (fast enough to outrun one of those pesky salvos mentioned before).

Besides testing out systems and racing around the system I have been putting the ship to good use. Fitted with a scan probe launcher it is helping me uncover sites of interest and I must say I’m impressed with the profit one can make by investigating what others have left behind in out of the way places. I’ve encountered things that were so old it needed dating back at the lab and great graveyards, forgotten and abundant with useful technology.

On top of that I made my first trip into wormhole space today. To think. On the other side of this phenomenal distortion I found a virtually empty solar system! I did detect some ships of unknown origin drifting around but didn’t investigate. I tested my scanning equipment and then decided to leave the way I came. It was a thrilling experience that I will surely repeat in the future.


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