The + Thing

The + has been launched. It is here. Now it’s being processed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new internet service getting into melee with an established internet service like that and I’m enjoying the fact that it’s a real clash of the titans this time. Google vs Facebook. It’s on? I think…

…I imagine a lot of people will feel this way:

But then again… even though it’s popular to state ones dislike of Facebook we all spend time there and we do that because it’s established and feeding us the things we want to see. The newcomer will have to make people post content for each other really fast and this is not something the site itself can do. No matter how advanced it is. People might end up just having some fun with the new stuff, then returning to the old and comfortable.

The illusion that the new thing is “different” might draw people there too. Until they find out that it’s not. But at least the + is still in development and as such you can get the feeling that this could be anything you ever dreamed of. Like a pick-n-mix Facebook.

I do, however, often think that the very inflexibility of the ‘Face is what keeps people there. Minimum effort and those few times it bothers you that you can’t du just the thing you want to do you can always whine about it a bit before it becomes unimportant (31 seconds later). Do we want to have more options, choices and, as such, make more effort? And will we, in the end, just use it to be less social altogether?

PS: How do I make WordPress post this to my g+?


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