Woehammer II

The saga continues.

I have managed to locate the book I used to keep my passwords in. I found the password I used for Warhammer Online and luckily I reembered how to decipher the code I used (what, you don’t write your sensitive information in code?) to protect it.

This, along with the old emails I have recieved from Mythic when I activated the game, means I have the login information… in theory I should be able to log into the game itself.  I decided to give it a go and downloaded the client, typed in my account name and password and…

…ok, too much to hope for perhaps but this is not half bad. It means my username and password was recognised. I’m in the system! (happy existentialist!). Hopefully being directed to the “Account Center” will let me perform the updates I need and also let me resubscribe to the game… who knows? I might even be able to PLAY it!

Perhaps this merry chase is like a feature? A mini game designed to highten ones anticipation and appreciation of actually being able to play?

It’s not working.


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