Diary of Kinachi Roi 4

I have always prided myself on my hearing. Indeed my oldest friends have caught on to my fascination with complex sound patterns long ago. Music does not interest me. It is the resonance of a shield generator, the steady beat of a pulsar and the hum of machinery that pleases my ear. I did not, however, expect to find such exaltation in the cacophony caused by thousands and thousands of gargantuan armor components being stacked, moved and handled by my mechanical henchmen.

My workshop is now considered a section of the station in itself and I was pleased to discover that my Ishukone hosts has installed and equipped a considerable complex that can house not only the workers I employ but also the crew of my ships. I had not noticed how many human beings are now in my employ and it is rather daunting to learn that many of them live here with their families. I can, however, live with the idea of children roaming the corridors of a sealed off complex half a kilometer away as long as the kitchen continues to deliver my food directly to my office. It is peculiar how that the boy who makes deliveries to me seemed surprised when he saw me eat. It is only when I’m strapped into my pod that I do not require traditional nourishment. This little anecdote does illustrate the power of the capsuleer myth though. To them I really am an immortal.

My need for workers besides those that crew my ships have arisen because the construction of advanced Cruiser Class ships is a task I cannot perform myself. Even with an army of artificial minds at my disposal the sheer amount of administration and logistics involved is too much for one person to handle. Indeed it is a waste of my time to deal with most of the tasks involved and as such I now have company in my offices. Scientists, clerks and engineers. I must admit that it is not entirely unpleasant to have other intelligent and driven individuals to keep me company. None of them will ever fly the capsule, all of them have only one lifetime to live, but that does not mean they are beneath notice.

The cacophony of the factories cannot be sensed audibly from the offices but my ears pick up the vibrations with ease. It is the comforting beat of a heart made of metal and as long as I can hear it I know that my work is being done.

Ten majestic Falcons have left my compound so far. Eight of them bound for the market in Jita but two I have sold to private clients. Capsuleers both and I have enjoyed not only their conversation but I find a greater satisfaction in my craft when I know who will be piloting the ship I am making. Also when dealing directly with clients instead of letting the market in Jita mediate it is possible to work out a price that benefits both my client and I.

Besides the Falcons I have also constructed two Basilisks and several Cerberus. The total value of my products have passed billions of ISK already. I am using most of my profit buying new materials required to construct the more sofisticated components I need but after refining my blueprints I find that each new ship increases my wealth considerably.

I am looking to acquire the blueprint for the Moa in order to be able to complete my sortiment of Caldari cruisers and recently I have begun research that will lead to blueprints for advanced Industrial Ships and as I write the components for three mighty Vulture Class Battleships (a design based on the Ferox) is taking up the entirety of my production line.


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