Super 8

Lasse and Adrian took me to Empire Bio to see Super 8 this Friday. Empire is in my optics the best cinema we have in Copenhagen. The place has atmosphere, the lights are dimmed slightly… it’s a place where you don’t feel like its inconvenient to pick up your tickets half an hour before. It’s a place where I could easily spend a few hours with my book and thanks to their very cosy lounge that would not be a problem at all.

Empire bio has, in my behinds opinion, the best seats which easily makes up for the rather small screens. Also: after the movie I like going to Skt. Hans Torv which is just around the corner with it’s nice bars and places to eat.


As for the movie itself I was very pleased. Spielberg fans will feel a strange tingeling in the place that’s normally reserved for love towards the classic E.T.

Easily the best movie I’ve seen this year though I might revise when I finally manage to pull myself together and get Melancholia over with.



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