Woehammer III

I’ve been a bit lax with this update: I actually managed to get Warhammer Online to work. I’m not retracting the harsh words I sent towards Warhammer Online, their customer support, EA and the accounts within accounts ect… I feel they were well deserved. I had not overlooked some shortcut nor misunderstood any instructions. In the end the way to make it all work is arcane to the point of being silly and the website(s) might as well have been written in latin.

I was browsing the forums and it seemed like a lot of people had a problem similar to mine: having quit the game and upon wanting to return to it discovered that a whole new set of accounts had been implemented ultimetely causing you to be “out of the loop”. This is a funny joke since the system when you try to recover information, re-register or otherwise seek help sends you into a dread loop that goes: [can’t log in] -> [get help here] -> [log in to get help].


As I see it, and this might be wrong since my latin is not very good, you have your “game account”, a “Mythic Master Account” and an “EA account”. None of which was responding to my logins yet being very insistent that my email address was already in use when I contemplated just starting from scratch (a thing that bothered me since I actually spent 600 kr on the “collectors edition” of the game).

I had actually given up on this whole mess having spent more time trying to solve the riddle than I spent playing the game when it first came out. But then, 26 hours later, the EA reacted to my requests for a new password (for an account I never signed up for, mind you) and sent me this:

EA knows I’m danish it seems. The link included is supposed to reset my password for my EA account. I assume this means that while my game account (which was all I started out with) was dormant and EA/Mythic decided to give the system an overhaul I was automatically assigned an EA account (we can discuss the implications of that later).

So just to backtrack a bit. First you go here (the account management page):

Then supply your email and state that you have forgotten the password for your EA account (even if you never signed up for one). As previously stated it took me 26 hours to recieve a response (but I got two of them, lucky me) so some patience might be required.

Once yu reset your EA password you will be able to punch in all the usual account details. EA sent me this nice confirmation:

I am very pleased that I now have an account and that it will soon be upgraded… again.


As I finally had access to the account management page I was able to use the “Link Account” option to connect my old game account with the EA account. Once that is done it’s important to notice that to interact with your Warhammer Online account you need to make sure that the “current account” bar at the top of the page is set correctly. This caused me some confusion at first but it only took me two hours to link and activate my account. I discovered that there was 14 days of free gametime for people returning to Warhammer Online (thank you) and setting up my subscription once again was a pretty standard procedure (unless you just want to buy a month of gametime with no recurring billing, then you’ll be transfered to a webpage written in one of Tolkiens half finished elvish dialects where you can buy a token that you can then cash in for a month of gametime somewhere else…).

Now. I’ve been playing the game for a couple of weeks and I might write about that later (it’s not half bad really).


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