Puzzle Quest II

Since Lasse and Adrian are actually using their TV these days (for what we shall not speak of) I’ve had to take steps. Drastic steps. Thankfully Puzzle Quest II is also avaliable on Steam and I’ve just played through the storyline.

The first Puzzle Quest game kept me up for nights on end. That was back in the day when Lasse and Adrians couch was actually a bed and I’d sleep in it (or sit awake in it) just as often as I’d do so in my own. I never finished that game. Once you reach the final encounter you’re not nearly powerful enough to beat it. There’s plenty of side quests and random encounters to do but the story kindof died there.

Like it’s former incarnation Puzzle Quest II can get tedious. At one point I saved and quit because I coud not bear one more corridor guarded by a themed generic monster. Although most of the adversaries have unique abilities and the battlefield itself can vary a lot one fight takes a long time and a lot of involvement. It’s a kind of commitment that doesn’t fit corridor guarding monster #39. In spite of this Puzzle Quest can still draw me in like an event horizon with a grudge.

Puzzle Quest works like Bejeweled. But it’s an adventure game. Sounds strange but works amazingly well. Your character gains abilities that are unlocked by matching the gems of the proper type. By using these abilities and being clever on the board you vanquish your opponents. Besides playing the game itself you advance the story and level up your character (as well as finding and upgrading items and equipment). The game mechanics are simple but your choices in terms of stats, abilities to use and items to equip all has a significant impact on how the game works. This is where the puzzle of the game really lies: the endless tweaking of your character in order to be effective against a host of different adversaries… and that is what is keeping you staring at the screen all night.


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