Universal Truth

Steam has a lot of nice special offers these days. One of them being Orcs Must Die! …in which carnage is the word of the day.

I guess the style of the game reminds me of Tower Defence which always is alluring to me. Orcs Must Die!, however, is played by controlling an actual person and an element of the game is using your trusty crossbow, spells and sword/staff -thing to defeat your foes. On top of that you have the ability to place traps, obstacles and helpful minions to slow the orcs down (or blow them up , fry, freeze, shred, maul, zap or just plain destroy them). As such you find yourself running frantically around trying to be an effective killing machine as well as improving on your defences while wave after wave of bloodthirsty orcs (and other ugly creatures) chase you, intent of returning some of the favors you’re doing them, or go for the Rift Point you have to defend.

The genre mashup is what has caused me to label this game as “strategy”. It is also what makes me a little displeased with it. Orcs Must Die! is HARD. Unlike most tower defence games you cannot count on being able to put up an easy choke point and go for the slaughter. You have to be mindful of your position, abilities and the placement of traps… and you get a full 15 second break between the incoming waves of enemies (and an extended rest that lasts as long as you want between every third wave). This is very stressful and it’s difficult to be “clever”. Mostly it feels like you’re always doing patch-up solutions and those orcs are always on your heels. This is of course hilarious as the character is constantly being a smart ass sounding like every move was well planned and that he has everything well under control.

But I like to feel clever.


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