As I was handed a bag from a cupcake shop I was, as one does when handed a bag from a cupcake shop, thinking: “uuuuh, cupcakes!”. As it turned out, however, the bag contained a little box with lightsabers and the Lucasarts logo on the front. That’s when it hit me: I had been Forced.

Lasse and Adrian have been hooked on this game since the beta. Lasse a bit more secretly than Adrian it seems. While I, although all in favor of the idea, have been reluctant to latch onto a new MMO. I have yet to play Skyrim, there’s a lot of “smaller” games (like Magic, Orcs Must Die! and Pox Nora) that I have been exploring and let’s not forget that Diablo III is going to hit us pretty soon. As for WoW it’s slightly on break, I guess we are all waiting for the new expansion. My point: I already have a severe gaming backlog (oh and I forgot to mention that I haven’t even touched Star Craft II yet *sigh*).

So despite me resisting the lure of the Dark Side, even as my best gaming buddies and most reliable internet sources praised the brilliance of this new gem, I found my choice taken away from me under pretense of a Christmas present.

The game is now installed and waiting for me (and maitenance) before I start my journey. I will be on The Progenitor (RP/PVE) server.


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