This video, which has now been removed, showed us a young girl explaining why transgendered kids has no place in the GSUSA (Girl Scouts). The organisation allows transgender girls to join and is, in the video, accused of trying to keep this a secret.

There has been a lot of chatter about the origin of the video. Some claim it’s true source is the girls parents but it is all speculative comments on Youtube, not what I consider reliable information.

The video is tied to which seems to have an axe to grind with everything from contraception to homosexuality. In short: anything percieved as sexual.

I do not find it very important to find out really. As previously discussed the transgender issue can be complicated and subtle. I am not sure if I have got it right myself. I do believe that transgendered people wants to and should be percieved as the the gender they identify with. This does require a slight mental twist. Even now I am referring to “transgender people” how else would I even be able to discuss this issue?

I can understand why the GSUSA would choose to stay silent about transgender kids in their groups in order to give these kids what they need the most: recognition and the ability to spend uncomplicated time with other girls.


I was very touched by a lot of the video responses posted by people who saw the original video. They are thoughtful, caring and very measured (ok, occasionally sharp). So I’m just going to share some of those.








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