This friday I will go to the hospital and have a laser fired into my eye. Five days later I will have the same thing done to the other eye. The idea is that I will be able to see without the help from glasses or contacts afterwards.


I have always had rather poor eyesight. Today going outside without glasses or contacts is just not an option for me. I would not be able to function in traffic and would probably walk into things. The world is a blur to my naked eye and if I gaze more than 20 m or so into the distance everything just melts together into this white/grey fog. It’s like walking around in a giant bubble. On top of that I have a tendency to generate double images, an effect even contacts have a hard time negating, because my eyes have a pronounced difference in lens strength (I believe it’s called). My brain can’t make the two images mesh as “normal” people do. Especially when I am tired or distracted it’s hard for me to avoid seeing two of everything.

I wonder how long my eyes have been like that. How strange the world must have seemed to me as a kid. I have this faint memory of using a disposable camera to take a picture of a playground and then being surprised at how clear and focused everything looked on the photograph. I wonder if my disadvantage when it comes to discerning fast moving objects kept me from playing sports or if my tendency to be introverted was because it was easier to deal with my own images than the blurry ones the world offered me. Or perhaps having perfect eyesight would not have made any difference at all.


This operation is not guaranteed to cure my double vision as this can be caused by a malfunction in the brain just as well as the state of my eyes. There’s just no way to know until we’re done. The operation will, however, be able to give me not only “normal” but “excellent” eyesight. I am lucky enough that my handicap is rather simple (as such things goes). I am told it will be a simple matter for them to adjust my eyes. The technology is rather impressive.

Besides the obvious advantages of having good eyes and not having to rely on contacts and glasses this operation will ensure that I can wake up in the morning and see the world. For the first time in my life.



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