So I recently turned 29 which is no big deal. Birthdays never meant that much to me other than a good excuse for a party or an occasion to plan a nice surprise for a friend. I do not like being celebrated and… the singing.. ugh…

Well. When I got out of my bed and shuffled to the kitchen this was what awaited me.

Inside the little package I found this:

Awesome. I tested it and it does not destroy even small planets but it does make good tea. I am of the opinion that the tea is better when the leaves does not take up all the room in the infuser (something to do with water actually flowing through it). The Randi obviously enjoys contriving nice surprises as much as I do… and no singing at all. I was very happy.

The day only got better though. When I entered the bathroom I found a My Little Pony on rollerskates waiting for me (she knows me so well) unfortunately I neglected taking a picture since I was naked and really in the mood for a hot shower (it’s an awesome pony though).

Later on my dear friend Juliux surprised me with a 3 kg cupcake. It was larger than my head!

Time to die – giant cupcake!

Juliux knows me very well too. He also provided me with some skin care options. Apparently that’s something a guy my age has to pay attention to.


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