I have a crooked smile. One side of my face seems much more inclined to smiling than the other. I have been told, although I do not remember who told me this – possibly a dentist, that I am lacking a muscle in one side of my mouth.

I remember playing Eugene in Grease and at one point I had to get caught sneaking past the other boys. When they called out to me I would freeze, then look out at the audience and make an “oh fuck” face. That always got a roar of laughter and one day the instructor asked me how I made that wonderfully croked face. I told her that’s just how my face is and she went quiet as if she had said something offensive.

It never felt that way to me however. I never felt different, I was never picked on. I love my crooked smile.

Now as I am approaching 30 years of age I find that was before descriped as “dimples” have become “lines”. I recently recieved a gift of skin products for my birthday. I somehow do not think they will make those lines go away and I don’t really want them to either. I love those lines. For the first time I an see age in my face and I like the look of it. When I grow older I hope I wil have an impressive set of “lines” around my eyes just like my father. Lines he earned through 60 years of smiling.


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