Post Mox

It’s almost been a week since Mox died and I’m hitting what I think is the apex of the strangeness of it. I keep expecting her to suddenly show up somewhere. It’s incredibly strange that the top of the computer is unoccupied when I’m sitting next to it. The floor in the kitchen is no longer wet when I get up in the morning (she liked to bash the water bowl around when drinking – so strange). Sunspots on the floor – rare as they are – are going unused.

Yemaja is being VERY sociable now that she does not have her sister to spend time with and a few times she has been walking around the house calling out and searching. That’s kindof sad to see. I’m trying to decide if I should bring another cat home at some point. It seems cruel to have her spend so much time alone. As a result I spoil and overfeed her. That’s how we I cope.



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