Very Danish II

When people ask I like to joke that danish food is basically just meat, sauce and potatoes. It’s not that it isn’t true but we are actually able to do a lot with this concept.


This is meatballs, boiled broccoli and oven baked spiced potatoes with a mushroom sauce.

When danes say “meatballs” what we really mean is “frikadeller” which is not as much balls of meat as it is a sort of meat dough that you then fry on a pan (usually using generous amounts of butter). The reason I call it meat dough is that just about half of it is actually meat. Normally you add a shredded onion, an egg, flour and spices – turning it into a sticky “dough” that you then shape into balls using your hands (which continue feeling wonderfully sticky even after you wash them).

Most people choose to add a bit more ingredients such as finely chopped mushroom, onions or other vegetables to the mix. Most people also use a 50/50 mix of minced pig and cow (I do not know why but it seems to be universially accepted that that is how you make frikadeller). Lastly there’s a wide variation when it comes to the spices people use. Martin – whom I placed in charge of the meatballs – was very excited about making them taste like christmas and as such he hsed a mix of ground cloves, ground annis, cardemom and a bit of cinnamon. On top of that he added some juice from an orange (I would perhaps have chosen to shred the peel of an orange but I was going for a hands off approach – that means I was busy preparing the rest of the food). It turned out rahter delicious in any case although I feel like I need to warn people about getting too excited about the annis – it can easily overpower any other taste – use with caution.


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