The rape case from Steubenville seems to be a media storm of epic proportions. At least in the US – I’ve overheard a few conversations about it and seen some Facebook shares from European friends but the two continents are still two different planes of existence as far as media goes. That would be an interesting subject for another post but right now I just want to share a couple of items about Steubenville that I have come across.


The Belle Jar – I am not your wife, sister or daughter, I am a person

Showing how important it is to think – realy think – about what you say. Word for word. Because it IS important and what might seem like an affirmation or support can be just the opposite.


The Onion – college basketball star heroically overcomes tragic rape he comitted

A lot of people have pointed out how frighteningly similar this satirical piece (from 2011) is to the actual CNN coverage of the case in which the focus is on the consequenses faced by the convicted rapists – rather than the rape victim.


Buzzfeed – 23 people who think the Steubenville victim is to blame

In case you doubted such opinions exist.



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