Boys In Heels

There is something very fascinating about how good legs look when you’re wearing heels. And that doesn’t only go for women. If you disregard the whole part where your bone structure suffer permanent damage heels does wonders for just about anyone.


Even these short and boring heels does wonders. The problem is that it’s hard to just keep it at that. As soon as you step into the shoes you feel like going over the top.

And once that shit goes down you wont be able to do anything but add a fab costume on top of it all.

164908_10152382484267366_604454650_nSo as much as you have got to adore the heels you also have to respect their power. If you are not ready to go all the way and wear a wig… stick to trainers.

These pictures are from the Miss World 2013 Competition – a drag-monster contest where yours truly was lucky enough to get to play hostess to the wonderful guests. More pictures from the actual event on FLICKR.


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