My Favorite Rant

I have ranted and ranted and then been snide about micropayments and especially games who embrace them fully and unconditionally before.

As such I loved the recent update of The Noob which tackles the subject in it’s own hilarious manner. What I really like about this page is that it illustrates just how I was forced to a halt in a certain games based upon a popular fantasy setting. First a boss encounter – that me and my group had spent considerable time reaching – that we could not beat because the group ran out of certain items (which the game kindly offered to sell us) and then a whole area where fighting the mobs with items obtained without spending money was just not feasible (sure – I had the option of going back to the lower level area and grind until my level alone let me beat the mobs. But game satisfaction tends to fade pretty fast when you can’t play level appropriate content).

In other semi-related news I just got a Hearthstone beta key (my friend calls it “Magic The Gathering for the mentally challenged”) and am feeling my way around Blizzards newest endeavour. I am actually enjoying the game itself. You can get to feel endlessly clever when you play it right… but you can also feel extremely frustrated because a lot of the game is settled by blind luck – that is – do you draw the right combination of cards or not. If your opponent has a good hand to counter your own you will get trampled and there’s very little you can do about it (other than hope for a reversal of fortune – Tymora favour me now).

On the subject of microtransactions hearthstone does not really use that model but I can’t ignore the fact that the “special” cards are usually more powerful than the not so special ones. It is – of course – a matter of combining cards in the right way but when you face an opponent who plays just blue, purple and orange you know you will not be allowed a win. As such you can buy power by buying cards and obtain an advantage over players not spending as much – and that is not a model I’m overly fond of. Again I would much rather spend a one time amount and have more interesting ways to obtain new cards available to me in the game.

And just to round things off – look at this amazing piece of “art” from the Neverwinter webpage:

RPOh no! Dark beings are converging on the busty female – whatever are they going to do to her?!

Oh look there’s a weekly sale next to the boobs too!


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