A Very Short Preview

As excited as I was for another weekend with the ESO BETA I ened up not spending much time on it.

Beta1Somehow – with the actual game being just a month away now playing the BETA does not seem all that exciting. I already know I will be buying the game and I have made the impressions I need to make.

The fact that the three major quest lines available to my character (main quest, Mages Guild and Fighters Guild) all were bugged and impossible to advance did not help either. I really hope that these bugs will not persist in the game because – well – that would just be embarrassing. If the game developers were trying to impress with the game in this BETA they fell short of their goal – not being able to play the game makes people cranky and the chat devolves into snarky comments and bad racist jokes.

I did enjoy the vastly improved visuals this time around – however if I was the lead developer and had to pick between pretty and playable I think I’d have have chosen the latter.



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