Let’s Go Treasure Hunting

I like to tag my posts about games with – for example – “RPG” (Role Playing Game) or “Strategy” so that people interested in that kind of gaming can read posts about similar games. I have never really figured out what to tag Diablo with though. It’s a point and click destruction game? It’s a repeatable one track story RPG? Or was it a game about making gold to spend on the auction house? Hard to tell. But now – after the recent patch – Diablo III is a THS. Treasure Hunting Game (about fucking time too).

Diablo is the game of constantly improving your character so you can face tougher challenges and improve your character even more. For a change of pace and flavor you create a different kind of character and improve on that one. It doesn’t seem that complex but it is really exciting – a constant search for improvement. A treasure hunt!

Diablo III had – as I see it – three major problems:

1: No incentive to replay the story in its entirety. As such you would spend your time going through the same limited encounters (Act Three ‘m looking at you) again and again (and again).

2: Cookie cutter builds. A series of builds optimal for each class was found pretty quickly. Deviating from them became was just not worth it (Lightning Monk I’m looking at you).

3: The motivation to look for new items decreased because you could just find them on the Auction House. Also – because the really good items had a significant value on the AH a legendary/set drop would be amazingly rare.


I really like Diablo as a game but eventually all the game was about was finding new items with the exact same stats as the ones I already had only slightly better. In a system where this is randomized take a wild guess at how often that happens. A secondary goal was to ear tons of gold to be able to buy said gear off the AH. It was a grind and I was bored.

Luckily the new patch has fixed or at least addressed all of these shortcomings:

1: Play through the entire storyline and get nice bonuses. Well worth it now that Paragon Levels actually matter – they grant some nice bonuses (and I hear they are infinite *gasp*).

2: Revamp of the entire skill system and a focus on building based on what items you find – not the other way around!

3: No more Auction House! Legendary drops for the people!


I am very happy to see these changes and very torn between picking Reaper of Souls or ESO (well played Blizzard).


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