Orange Is The New Yellow

I have been playing a lot of Diablo III lately. And though I swear by my Monk I have especially enjoyed advancing and trying out the other classes as well.

Tomorrow the much debated Auction House will be gone. I have already explained why I think this is an excellent idea.

The part that I enjoy the most though is that item drops WILL change the way you play. Yellow items now drops identified and they are useful but it is really the orange ones that really impact your game (and thanks to the Auction House going bye-bye orange items will now happen more than once for every 12 hours of play). The reason why items can now be game changers is that Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage (CHC & CHD) has been replaced as the king of damage dealing. While being able to critically hit for 200-300% damage is still a powerful ability the new Area Damage stat suddenly makes you think about how much of a smackdown you can deliver by dealing this damage to everyone around you. What REALLY humbles CHC and CHD and makes you think twice about that cookie cutter build you are running is the new Elemental Damage stats. Applying a Rune to your skills can now also impact the kind of damage you are dealing and thus what kind of bonuses you get to your attack. The mechanic and why it is much superior to focusing on critical hits is beautifully explained here and while you need to activate some of those math skills to wrap your head around it all it is def worth the trouble. The only major problem is that your characters stats won’t change when you equip an item increasing your elemental damage or area damage – it’ is no longer possible to sum up everything in one easy “this is the damage you do” go. I hope this will change in the expansion otherwise we can just throw the whole whole “compare your items” feature out the window.

Let me say though that I have started running my Barbarian with Fire skills and bonuses to Fire Damage and while my damage did go down on paper (because I discarded those gloves heavy on CHC and CHD) I could feel the difference instantly when I started playing – my enhanced fire skills were all the rage (see what I did there?).

I am extremely pleased with this change as it really opens up for customization and matching your skills to your gear.


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