An Example

Just as I was done typing up my last post about Diablo 3 I sat down to actually play the game a bit and got a drop that illustrates perfectly how the equipment you find now can change your play style completely (some people who prefers to play in just one way using the same set of skills in their “killer combo” obviously won’t find this enjoyable). Maghda gracefully accepted her defeat and gave me this:

Odyn Son

While before using the set items from the Hallowed Defender set (mighty weapon and shield) with this build and +15% fire damage. I instantly switched to this build using lightning damage (dual wielding mace/mighty weapon) instead. A major upgrade all in all (even though the Barbarian does not have that many options based on lightning) as well as a nice change of pace and style. The one downside is the limited storage space – you need to save the gear with the elemental and/or weapon enhancing properties on them. I am currently running Torment II and it’s a breeze really… but I know I’ll probably have to let either Brawler or Ruthless go for a more defensive setup.


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