“Man this is as buggy as the beta”

“Yeah – I hope it will be fixed or this game will not last”


Those two comment tore me out of a 5 hour stint with The Elder Scrolls Online that just launched yesterday. I was waist deep in the Ebonheart Pact starter area and so far the only negative thing I experienced was the attitude of the people playing.

I don’t know what it is about gamers but complaining really is our national sport followed closely by the art of making sweeping statements (but yes it really does make you look cool when you are all aloof like that – *barf*).

As people started to chime in with this and that complaint (so far the most frequent one is that the dirty money horse is too damn slow – hah) I blinked – possibly for the first time in several hours – and started taking measure of the game.

I never liked starter areas but still playing through this one for the 3rd time (did it twice in the beta) had induced a hour long “just enjoying the game” -state and so far I had experienced no technical trouble at all. Thinking about it I had only experienced improvements since the Beta. The game was stable, there was no quest bugs and it looks effing beautiful! On top of that I noticed subtle tweaks to the gameplay that made the game more enjoyable and – drawing on my Beta experiences – I remembered to slow down my pace, explore and enjoy having the NPC’s talking to me (like really talking).

Also: I minimized the chat.


SkullThis is a screenshot of my character “Speaks-With-Skulls” (“Skull” around friends). Did I mention that I love how this game looks?


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