Kill It With Fire

There is one HUGE flaw in ESO that carried over from the Beta: the players.

As an immersionist, a roleplayer and elitist I have many things to say about the base masses of – ugh – gamers. There is – however – one thing that will set me off into North Korean rant style in a matter of seconds and that is people who name their characters poorly.

I don’t get it. You are given this amazing game – a Role Playing Game – with a rich history and a story that is BEGGING you to get involved, creative and personal. Why then do people choose to name themselves after popular anime characters and/or historical figures? Why do they not even bother with a Capital Letter in front of their name? You can be anything and you choose to be a laughing stock, a cliche and just to top it off you also make sure everyone will label you as intellectually challenged 0.3 seconds after mouseovering you? I just don’t get it.

But then again why stop there? ESO is giving you endless options for customizing your characters appearance. This world is beautiful, detailed and diverse. Why not fuck that up as well? I mean… it’s not like a lot of other people will have to spend time looking at the train-wreck of a face you just spent 4 seconds making (to be fair this troll act of a skin job might actually have taken effort to produce – good on you – jerk).

KillKillKillMachinefisting Ponypotter – you are what is wrong with the world.


3 responses

  1. John Salisbury

    Jonas, on the topic of appearances I think it’s great when people push the limits of the engine and develop interesting looking characters. I remember a walk-through video for one of the Mass Effect games where the player had made his Shepherd as a pasty, emaciated, sallow eye’d ghoul of a man, which I thought was quite fitting. It was certainly much more creative than the lantern jawed male version that appeared on the box art, and probably more in keeping with some of the character’s history than the tight bunned, thin lipped, buttoned up matriarch of my own Shepherd.

    As for names… who gets to choose their own name? Maybe they should be procedurally generated based on race and start location.

    March 31, 2014 at 11:57

  2. I’m all for interesting looking characters. Machinefisting Ponypotter is not interesting he is “lolz”. That is all there is to that character and while I respect his right to want to play a character like that I have no understanding or sympathy for it.
    As for names we DO pick them when we create stories for our characters and being – as stated above – an elitist roleplayer I happen to think that when you do not make use of the wealth of inspiration and lore provided to you by some very dedicated people you are not doing it right.

    March 31, 2014 at 12:59

  3. Interesting read. Thoroughly enjoyed and got a massive belly laugh. But honestly, isn’t naming just a matter of taste? Isn’t one gamer’s Pinky Pie another gamer’s Mona Lisa?

    I have mixed personal opinions on the issue. There were a few characters back in my WoW days that I would have NEVER, EVER interacted with if they weren’t guildies based on their names. I thought they were trolls, but they turned out to be some of the best RPers I’ve ever run into. I’m still not sure why they had such stupid names if it wasn’t to weed-out the judgemental elitest RPers. Hmm…

    Now saying that, there are no official RP servers in TESO and there are very limited naming conventions. Given the seriousness of the world and its realistic beauty, some players probably find great perverse pleasure and joy in making an Orc named Doctor Phil who sits in /zone and spouts relationship advice all day. I know I do, which is why I made him. Its a different kind of fun. 🙂 Advanced humour for mature people.

    March 31, 2014 at 13:19

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