That’s Unfortunate

While I was – initially – very positive about the launch of ESO I have been forced to reconsider my position. I still think it all went pretty smoothly in the big picture. Servers stay up, login is without issues and I have not crashed once.

That said some of the bugs that plagued the Beta have started rearing their ugly heads. At present I have4 quests that I cannot advance and one “mini-dungeon” that I cannot enter. It might not seem like such a big issue if it wasn’t because one of the quests is essentially the regions main questline: the now infamous Balreth ordeal. I resent that I have had to explore the region and pick up quests here and there while knowing that I should have been introduced to the different areas in the region by the main questline (a thing that worked really well in the Beta – once I got through the bugs).

ESO as a game also quickly generates frustration since the bugs rarely take the form of a crash or error message. Instead your wuest marker will just lead you to an empty location, your quest object will not react to your attempts to interact with it or your actions will just not have an y effect on the progression of the quest. There is just nothing and a bland no-response is infuriating.

I am running out of things to do and the “main” quest has turned grey for me several levels ago. It’s just not good enough.


Also here is another picture of my character:



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