That’s Fortunate(‘ish)

Credit where it is due: ESO managed to sort out most of its launch bugs in just two days. I was very sad that I had to complete the Stonefalls questline after getting to a level where they posed no challenge at all but I’ll live. It also helps that the story was absolutely wonderful – it was like reading a really good book (despite the fact that the NPC “acting” is very mechanical and stiff – the physical movements of the games characters simply can’t keep up with the voice acting).

I’m not sure we can call this a launch since it is early access. Then again i have no idea if there will be a lot of players coming in when the 5 days are up. I feel like the preorder offer was so great that most people wanting to play the game would take advantage of it. In any case this can probably be called the smoothest launch of an MMO in history (especially one so ambitious as this one).

That said there is still a plethora of small things that can be improved, fixed and ironed out:

  • Guild Stores – the search function is just horrible. Things show up in the most random order imaginable and under the wrong categories. You can’t search for a specific item or items made in a specific crafting style (one of the fantastic features of this game!) – it is just a godawful mess.
  • The Forums. Speaking of messes. I can’t find my way around. I don’t understand why I need to see things in German and French and I am very annoyed that there simply wasn’t any official announcement on the bugs that plagued the first two days of the launch (which is not about the forums specifically but about the community and those of us participating in it knowing that ESO is working to fix itself).
  • Dark Anchors. What is the point? There’s no reward. No impact on the world around you. It’s just there, you “defeat” it and then it comes back. They are supposed to be a looming threat, a constant reminder of what the game is about and the impending menace of Molag Bal. Instead they are laughable “random encounters” with no “epic” factor whatsoever. They are not even included in any of the questlines in any area I have seen so far.
  • Inventory. It is so painfully obvious that the inventory is made to also work on a console. It is messy, unintuitive and with no customization options. Just. Not. Good. Enough.
  • Players. yes – the game still have shitloads of annoying and embarrassingly dumb players. Please fix this asap.

Tell me more about the “social part” please.


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