More Mounted Commander

If the classic game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” was really called “Elf, Eagle, Lion” this guy would win it all the time!

I actually painted this model some time ago but decided to do a few “touchups”. Mainly to make it more interesting to look at. All in all it is not a super exciting model – perhaps the least exciting one to come out of the Island of Blood pack – which is a shame since it is meant to be a centerpiece. The elf lord is all wrapped up in his armor, the griffon is mainly defined by its feathers which I – after numerous attempts at doing something interesting with – just decided to drybrush in scales of gray and call it a day.

Oh well. All in all it is a nice and dynamic miniature and even an elf hero can bring a mean griffon to the fight which means it might get to see some use as well. I really wish that elf commanders had the option of being more aggressive. Mostly though you will spend points giving them Ward Saves and other defensive measures because they are just too precious to make into glass cannon killing machines. in an elf army there is no such thing as “expendable” – especially if you spent the points on a Ld 10 commander.

End rant. Here pictures:

photo 1


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