Celestial Jade Charm

“The quest of Appius of the 36th Legion to find the truth of his heritage ended in his glorious death – fighting at the side of the mighty Planetar said to be his lines progenitor.

Appius’ family never recieved his remains to honor and bury. But the blessed charm that once decorated the hilt of his weapon was given into the care of his heirs.

The line of Appius died out eventually. But the charm has often appeared throughout history – attached to the weapon of noble heroes and common soldiers both.”



I usually create items with a character in the group in mind and introduce it into the campaign in a way that makes him or her feel connected to it. That way it has three stories – the legend I provide in writing, the personal story that the character and the item share and the future exploits of the character using the item.

I try to avoid magical weapons since they bind a character into a certain playstyle. Instead this item is attached to a mundane weapon, granting it magical powers – allowing the player to switch style but retain their item (at a cost – as for this item you need strike a killing blow in order to unlock its effects for a new weapon).

It is my intention to introduce mystical alloys that will allow the players to forge weapons with the 1-3 enchantment bonuses on them. Then combine those with augment items – I’m sure they won’t find ways to misuse those options….



  • Attunement: this item requires Attunement by a character.
  • Weapon Bond: in order to awaken the powers of the charm an attuned character must defeat an enemy in combat. Only a kill will suffice – if choosing to knock the opponent unconcious the magic will not show itself. The character may use the charms powers the turn after performing the killing blow.
  • Otherworldly Origin: upon attunement to a weapon the charm renders the weapon and it’s attacks magical.
  • Charges: the charm can hold a maximum of 3 charges. Every morning by dawn it regains one charge. Scoring a critical hit with the weapon with which the charm is affixed will cause it regain a charge. The charm will loose all charges except one when transferred between weapons.
  • Heavenly Strikes: Upon a hit with the weapon on which the charm is affixed, you can expend one charge to deal an additional 3d6 points of radiant damage, no more than one charge can be expended like this per turn
  • Time of Heroes: as a Free Action you may spend a charge from the charm after missing with a melee attack. As time rewinds you may attempt your attack again – even allocate it to a different target if you so wish – or choose to perform a different action.
    If you attack the same target you may roll with advantage since only you know what happened in the now erased future. If the target expended any reactions or other resources in response to the attack these are refunded as well.

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