What A Time To Be Alive

Does it also seem to you that the worls is imploding? Well at there’s a plethora of good games on offer to distract us from the Trump-induced meltdown of the US and the not-so-loud degeneration of Europe through the mainstreaming of right wing extremism and worship of the rich.

*deep breath*

Here’s what I’m playing these days:


1: Destiny 2


I am not a shooter fan. But Deasiny has me hooked. The combination of epic storytelling in a grand universe and imaginative mechanics, a reasonable reward system, teamwork and many other things makes me keep coming back.

Besides just being a great game Destiny 2 is also running extremely smoothly. From day 1 on launch it was stable, reliable and with a minimum of bugs, annoying AI mistakes and glitches. The quality of the production should be a benchmark for the industry.

Youtube tells me that the “hardcore” fanbase isn’t satisfied with Destiny 2. The usual rumblings about the lack of “endgame” content and rewards being too easy to get by (sound familiar WOW fans?). There’s an easy solution to this: don’t make Destiny the only game you play. It’s a bit like vodka – if you don’t drink anything else it will ruin the experience pretty fast. If you invest all your time in Destiny you will exhaust yourself. That’s not a design flaw – it’s a you flaw.

(you can get the core game on sale right now)


2: Ylands


Another spiritual offspring of Minecraft. There’s a lot to be said about Ylands but what I really enjoy about it is the ratio between time investment and reward. If you spend an hour building something you will feel like it was worth it – and that will entice you to invest another hour.

Still in Early Access on Steam. I’m excited to see where this one goes.


3: Ark – Survival Evolved


Ark and my new GTX 1080 is a match made in heaven. The game finally went into an official release and despite a whiny steam community it really shows!

The two best thing about ark (besides dinosaurs) is the modability and the different game modes (yes those two things are one thing). You can fine tune your own experience to a ridicilous degree. Want a new experience on your next Ark? Change map, mods and parameters.

The next expansion featuring mutated life in a broken down cave world will be out soon. But even without that Ark is probably the game offering the most content for the money.


4: Total War – Warhammer 2


Finally I can play Warhammer without the pesky involvement of other people.


5: Dominions 5


Dominions is an old habit of mine that I have a history of being unable to tully explain.

Basically Dominions is the best (fantasy) strategy game ever made. It just comes in a – for most people – unassuming package. To me the lack of fancy graphics is a feature, not a bug – it keeps me focused on the strategy aspect (even though I cannot help but introduce my own RPG element to the game. You dont NEED to make a theme for all your armies and come up with names and stories for your commanders but you surely CAN).

Now what I’m waiting to see from Illwinter is better integration of the mod and mapping community through Steam.


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