The Dead Bone Dice

“It is said that the game “Dead Bone” originated on the island of Merides, famous for it’s shipwrights and morbid legends of life at sea.

It is also said that the first ruler of a united Merides – Suleima Malika, the Pirate Queen – owned a set of dicethat was the first to play Dead Bone.”



The dice are a plot device in my campaign and in some ways I consider it a potentially unbalancing item – possibly also an item that can get a character killed. I feel comfortable introducing it in my campaign because I know my players are not looking to abuse what I give them and because they have a built in “exit” from the campaign.

The concept of the dice is luck and gambling. They offer advantages in exchange for the risk of taking more damage from certain attacks.



  • Attunement: you attune automatically to the dice when they are passed to you from the previous owner. If you are already attuned to your maximum number of magical items, you will loose the attunement to one of them randomly.
    While attuned to the dice you gain advantage on all gambling rolls made with the dice.
  • Curse: your attunement to the dice can be broken if you roll a “woe” on an Augury roll (see below) while asking if you should keep the dice. For an hour after rolling Augury you may hand over the dice to another person who must accept the dice willingly. A Remove Curse spell will not remove the attunement but will suppress the curse for 24 hours, but none of the powers of the dice will work.
  • Augury Roll: Once per long rest you may cast Augury by rolling the dice. On a roll of double 6 you will gain the result of weal, on a roll of double 1 you gain the the result of woe. The dice will bend the fates to the results. Any other result lets Augury function normally.
  • Gambler’s Creed: At the end of a long rest you must decide how many dice powers are active. You must have at least one power active at any given time. If you have all 3 dice powers activated you gain the use of the Luck feat until the end of your next long rest (3 rerolls).
    Dice Powers:
    – Twist Fate: Gain +1 bonus to all saving throws.
    You become vulnerable to fire.
    – Hair’s Breadth: if an attack misses you by one or you miss an attack against a creature by one, you may as a reaction make use of any class feature that you can regain by a short rest or regain an expended class feature that you can regain by a short rest.
    You become vulnerable to cold.
    – Devil’s Luck: whenever you must make a Death Saving Throw you can instead spend all of your remaining Hit Dice and regain half you total maximum hit points, and you may act normally on your following turn. If you have no Hit Dice you instead stabelize. You can only use this power once per day.
    You become vulnerable to lightning.

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