Soulpyre Gauntlet

[placeholcer for flavor text and proper picture]



One of my first items I created. The simple idea is that the gauntlet burns away your essence in the spiritual world in order to produce flames in the real world.

It has gone through a few revisions to make it worth attuning to.



  • Attument: This item requires attunement. – Charges: The gauntlet has 3 charges. Every time you regain Hit Dice, the gauntlet also regains a charge. If you are at full Hit Dice, the gauntlet does not regain charges.
  • Servitude of Fire: While attuned to the gauntlet you can cast Control Flames 1/day. You use your Intelligence, Wisdon or Charisma to cast this spell.
  • Mastery of Heat: when wearing the gauntlet you can handle heated, unmelted metal with either hand without taking any damage.
    You are immune to the Heat Metal spell.
  • Fiery Discharge: As an action expend 1 charge to cast Burning Hands, you can expend additional charges to raise the casting level by one per charge spent. You use your Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma to cast this spell.
  • Soulpyre: You brand a creauture with your righteous wrath fueling your fury with the the rage of your soul. As an action spend 1 charge and use up to 5 of your Hit Dice to cause the same amount of fire damage to one creature within 5 feet (E.g. if you spend 5d8 Hit Dice you cause 5d8 fire damage).
    You can also choose to expend additional charges causing up to 5 Hit Dice worth of fire damage per charge spent (max. 15 hit dice). For each charge you use in this manner, you gain an Exhaustion level.
    Until you remove all your Exhaustion levels you cannot regain any Hit Dice.

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