Sybmyllian Geometry

“Sybmyl was a second age Volian scholar who delved into metalurgy and eventually specialized in harmonies and the theory of sound.

Her second book – “Capophonica” – is considered black magic of the second degree and only one known copy exists in The Forbidden Library.

Her first book – “Harmonic Alloys” – is considered mandatory reading for first year alchemists.”




Celestial Jade Charm

“The quest of Appius of the 36th Legion to find the truth of his heritage ended in his glorious death – fighting at the side of the mighty Planetar said to be his lines progenitor.

Appius’ family never recieved his remains to honor and bury. But the blessed charm that once decorated the hilt of his weapon was given into the care of his heirs.

The line of Appius died out eventually. But the charm has often appeared throughout history – attached to the weapon of noble heroes and common soldiers both.”



New Campaign

I’ve been wanting to write about my Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In nerdworld – thanks in part to the success of Critical Role – D&D is reaching new audiences and new forms of expression.

With the 5th edition of the rules making the game hit that sweet spot between being accessible and complex – D&D is on the rise.



D&D Saturday

D&D Saturday

Beautiful day, people are wearing shorts, sun is out… the nerds are inside.

Here We Go

Neverwinter is now in “open beta” and I have been checking it out. Trying to make up my mind.  My rogue is now level 30 and I’m kind of having great fun – and kind of loathing the shit out of the game.