Soulpyre Gauntlet

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The Crown of Broken Queen Ryskva

“Hear now the tale of Ryskva the Broken.

A queen wise and hale, a mind that was woken.

Ryskva the queen, the warrior, the lover.

It was love – of course – that cost her her power.”



Many Blessings

“Tomanus of Gaveria – the most infamous assassin of the Empire – killed no less than 182 members of The Mother Church before he was apprehended.

The great scandal of the Tomanus saga is – however – not that he was able to dispatch 3 Mysta (2 of them in the same night) or that his clients were never exposed – but that throughout his long campaign Thomanus was in posession of an object blessed not by one but six of the minor gods of the Empire.

The implications are better left undiscussed.”



The Dead Bone Dice

“It is said that the game “Dead Bone” originated on the island of Merides, famous for it’s shipwrights and morbid legends of life at sea.

It is also said that the first ruler of a united Merides – Suleima Malika, the Pirate Queen – owned a set of dicethat was the first to play Dead Bone.”



Alambra-Sul Arrow

“Alambra-Sul – the first fortress of Man – lies far to the south in lands forsaken by the light of the Empire.

Besides being by far the oldest known structure raised by humans the tombs and palaces of Alambra-Sul also brought to the Empires scholars the first examples of craft made from naturally magical materials.

The arrows of Alambra-Sul – despite their primitive appereance – spell painful death to their targets. The unnaturally sharp crystals shreds flesh, splinter bone, and cause horrible jagged scars if their victims survive the shot.”



Sybmyllian Geometry

“Sybmyl was a second age Volian scholar who delved into metalurgy and eventually specialized in harmonies and the theory of sound.

Her second book – “Capophonica” – is considered black magic of the second degree and only one known copy exists in The Forbidden Library.

Her first book – “Harmonic Alloys” – is considered mandatory reading for first year alchemists.”



Celestial Jade Charm

“The quest of Appius of the 36th Legion to find the truth of his heritage ended in his glorious death – fighting at the side of the mighty Planetar said to be his lines progenitor.

Appius’ family never recieved his remains to honor and bury. But the blessed charm that once decorated the hilt of his weapon was given into the care of his heirs.

The line of Appius died out eventually. But the charm has often appeared throughout history – attached to the weapon of noble heroes and common soldiers both.”