A Big Hit

I still love my breakfast and now that I need to pack as much into it as possible it’s even easier to make.

The shake is from and contains a shitload of calories as well as a couple of spoonfuls of protein powder

The juice I make from fresh fruit. This time pomgranade, lemon and red grape.

Good morning.


More Fresh!

This week a guy living in the city stopped by the co-op to share some of his amazing work. He told me how his honey is spicy and rich in taste because his bees experience a greater amount of biodiversity than they would in the countryside. The rural landscape has been carefully gardened while the city remains diverse. I find that very interesting (also the honey is delicious and I am loving how many recipes using honey I am finding these days).



This report straight from summer blog hiatus: fresh things are fine (except the still wriggling fish – they might be a bit TOO fresh. Thankfully some nice lady chopped the heads off them for us *shudder*).IMG_0567

Wisdom For The Ages

If I can pass just one piece of wisdom on to the generations to come it will be this: eat breakfast (and follow up with a good lunch too).

IMG_0443Since I actually got into the habit of kickstarting my body with some proper food and following up with solid fuel at lunch my days have become so much better. Especially when I manage a light dinner so that I don’t go to sleep with a body that needs to spend all of its energy digesting.

Spontaneous Dinner

Patrick brought home meat. I had cheese of different kinds. One quick trip to the shop and it all worked out perfectly.


These Are Snacks

That is my story and I’m sticking to it.



This just in: chili con carne with mashed avocado is delicious.

IMG_0420I  use paprika, cumin and chili to spice my chili con carne.
For the “guacamole” I use salt, pepper, olive oil and a teaspoon of creme fraiche.