I Finished Something

I’ve been working on these Wood Elf Eternal Guards forever.

They are really just beautiful models and despite being rank and file I find it satisfying to go into detail with them.



A Big Hit

I still love my breakfast and now that I need to pack as much into it as possible it’s even easier to make.

The shake is from and contains a shitload of calories as well as a couple of spoonfuls of protein powder

The juice I make from fresh fruit. This time pomgranade, lemon and red grape.

Good morning.


From my recent trip to Rotterdam – it really is a fascinating city. Combining old industrial spaces with traditional Dutch housing and very bold modern development. 



adrian and I are cautiously eying the Age of Sigmar rules – which leads to miniatures being worked on.

My “autumn theme” is something I’m doing because I want to be able to have a common denominator for my Wood Elves and High Elves and it requires work on both existing and new models (as well as a few terrain pieces).



Grown Up Yet?


More Fresh!

This week a guy living in the city stopped by the co-op to share some of his amazing work. He told me how his honey is spicy and rich in taste because his bees experience a greater amount of biodiversity than they would in the countryside. The rural landscape has been carefully gardened while the city remains diverse. I find that very interesting (also the honey is delicious and I am loving how many recipes using honey I am finding these days).



This report straight from summer blog hiatus: fresh things are fine (except the still wriggling fish – they might be a bit TOO fresh. Thankfully some nice lady chopped the heads off them for us *shudder*).IMG_0567