adrian and I are cautiously eying the Age of Sigmar rules – which leads to miniatures being worked on.

My “autumn theme” is something I’m doing because I want to be able to have a common denominator for my Wood Elves and High Elves and it requires work on both existing and new models (as well as a few terrain pieces).



Grown Up Yet?


More Fresh!

This week a guy living in the city stopped by the co-op to share some of his amazing work. He told me how his honey is spicy and rich in taste because his bees experience a greater amount of biodiversity than they would in the countryside. The rural landscape has been carefully gardened while the city remains diverse. I find that very interesting (also the honey is delicious and I am loving how many recipes using honey I am finding these days).



This report straight from summer blog hiatus: fresh things are fine (except the still wriggling fish – they might be a bit TOO fresh. Thankfully some nice lady chopped the heads off them for us *shudder*).IMG_0567


So I recently bought Heroes of Might and Magic VI. I have been wanting to play it for a long time but never got around to it. Recently though I have come across the sheeting ragestorm that is the Internets reaction to Ubisofts way of making the classic turn based strategy game  an ONLINE experience.


HoMM is a classic and to me one of the most enjoyable TBS games I have ever played (probably my nr 2 right after the Civilization franchise). There is a rich amount of history and lore and characters connected to the Heroes universe and yet it is also a very fluid world that the creators are constantly changing and improving upon. I enjoy the unique campaign storytelling that now is a hallmark of these games and of course the polished tactical game system that is the chewy center of the Heroes game.


But the game is – sadly – less interesting then the controversy of the Conflux and the Dynasties. As you play Heroes VI you level up as a player – gaining access to things such as the ability to create custom heroes (unlocking portraits, powers and other cool stuff that nerds need), gaining powerful artifacts and perks that can be carried between games and of course all the vanity hiffermyjinkies. On top of this your progress through the campaigns and saved games are in THE CLOUD. All of it very innovative – only it doesn’t work.

The Steam and Ubisoft forums are littered with topics where gamers rage over the fact that the system designed to handle all of this breaks daily. Making people have to start over at games and/or making the content they have unlocked unavailable to them (including Dynasty bonuses, saved games and campaign progress).  So far it has been 50/50 for me. Yesterday I played just fine. Today I cant access anything.

Heroes of Might and Magic VI. What. A. Mess.



This is how Yemaja deals with the heat… and with mornings… and just about anything really.



Wisdom For The Ages

If I can pass just one piece of wisdom on to the generations to come it will be this: eat breakfast (and follow up with a good lunch too).

IMG_0443Since I actually got into the habit of kickstarting my body with some proper food and following up with solid fuel at lunch my days have become so much better. Especially when I manage a light dinner so that I don’t go to sleep with a body that needs to spend all of its energy digesting.