Ark – Survival Evolved

So I recently finished the PC release of Final Fantasy X (nerdgasm) and since I would rather shove a dirty toilet brush down my throat than start on Final Fantasy X-2 I went hunting on Steam for my next fix.

Enter Ark – Survival Evolved. I have been circling this game like a hungry but highly picky vulture for quite some time. As it is it can be quite hard to get a proper impression of what the game is like from reading the description and – to the games benefit – I think this is simply because it doesn’t really fit in any other category. It is a survival game for sure (a popular and relatively new genre ranging from Minecraft to Fallout to the thousand of zombie games) but as I see it it falls in somewhere between Minecraft and Eve – a spectacular mix to be sure.

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Trends In Circles

Today I am sitting in front of a blank piece of paper trying to summon inspiration.

As I resorted to browsing the internet I came across a project by Sonnenhof / J. Mayer. H. Architects featured on Arch Daily. I was instantly thinking about Space Age aesthetics and dreams of a more futuristic… future.

Space Age!Indeed it seemed to me that this could be a set in a fantasy of Stanley Kubrick.  I just had to google images from the Odyssey.

Odyssey1 Odyssey2 Odyssey3


Rise And Fucking Shine

It’s been rough – but I’m past 80 kg. Still look shell shocked after every workout.


Sun is back out – joyful breakfasts ensue.

I Finished Something

I’ve been working on these Wood Elf Eternal Guards forever.

They are really just beautiful models and despite being rank and file I find it satisfying to go into detail with them.


A Big Hit

I still love my breakfast and now that I need to pack as much into it as possible it’s even easier to make.

The shake is from and contains a shitload of calories as well as a couple of spoonfuls of protein powder

The juice I make from fresh fruit. This time pomgranade, lemon and red grape.

Good morning.


From my recent trip to Rotterdam – it really is a fascinating city. Combining old industrial spaces with traditional Dutch housing and very bold modern development.