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This tampon commercial is taking a lot of heat.

I should say: this transphobic tampon commercial is taking a lot of heat. There is a lot of focus on the rights and ethics concerning transsexuals these days and it doesn’t always leave a lot of room for humour or attempts at humour. Here in Denmark transsexuals are still considered mentally ill and just recently a Danish blogger caught the same wave of indignation that is now washing over the tampon company.

Homotropolis is on the beat as always but maybe a little fast when it comes to labelling the much debated video. When the headline of a post states that “transphobic commercial demanded off the net” it’s not really leaving a lot of room for reflection. What would be constructive would be to talk about why this commercial comes off as transphobic, rather than just rage, label and start collecting protest signatures.


Apparently It’s Time

This, rather lovely, Australian video has been goung around my friends circle and some other channels I “listen” to recently. Stating “it’s time”.

Also Zach Wahls moving testament is still rousing people from their chairs (or at least prompting a push of the “share” button).

There is a kind of “buzz” for things to change on this front. I can relate to the sentiment that it is time. But time for what?