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Bone and Bell

While I was in Chicago I had the pleasure of seeing Joan As Police Woman perform. I’ve been a fan ever since she played at Roskilde Festival in 2008.

As a bonus treat Chicago resident Bone and Bell was kind enough to treat us to some of her delightful songs about beheadings, apocalypse(s) and vegetables.

You can listen to her songs, download her music and buy the CD on her webpage.



I just returned from a trip to the US. Chicago, Illinois to be precise. It’s really hard to grasp how big that place is. Saying that I was just in the US makes as much sense as saying that I placed an electron in my wallet. I’m not much for writing detailed accounts of my travels but I’m sure things will pop up. It was great to explore a different city, a different culture and finding out that jetlag is actually real. I know this because for the first week there I went to bed in the evening and got up in the morning. It’s good to be back home.

Millenium Park