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Hills II

The flatness of Cpenhagen is also the cause of why we use bikes so much (well – amongst other things). Bikes are firmly part of our culture as can be seen in this fantastic video from 1937



Copenhagen is flat as a pancake. If the water of the ocean was to rise just a few metres a good part of the town would just disappear. But there is ONE hill that has been frustrating people on bikes for as long as I can remember: Valby Bakke.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk past it last week and discover that the part of it that intersects with the local park has been remodelled – making it much easier to use for sleighing. One of the great joys of copenhageners is finding a non-horizontal surface they can slide down using sleighs, plastic bags, tea trays or whatever one can come up with (being creative with your improvised sleigh grants instant recognition and applause).

Originally the corner of the park intersecting with the hill had a solid path leading down the ridge of the hill, directly through a gate and out onto a road with heavy traffic (making sleighing slightly hazardous if you have no means of braking). Now the slope has been angled a bit away from the gate and has two solid paths on the side making it easier to climb to the top. There’s even a little ridge that will stop an errant child on a sleigh heading for the traffic.

IMG_0506 IMG_0507


Oh Copenhagen.

After The Snow

Then – one night as I was walking home – it just started and it hasn’t really stopped since.

Snowy bench

Before The Snow

It is snowing in Copenhagen. Temperatures are more or less permanently below freezing. But before the snow started falling we did have about a week of that lovely crisp and clear winter air.


I finally got around to seeing Melancholia. While I have deliberately avioded Antichrist I was looking forward to seeing what Trier had come up with this time. I never really considered myself a fan but I guess I do stay updated on what he’s doing and that I have seen most of his movies and projects. I still love to be creeped out by The Kingdom and to cringe at the unbeareable awkwardness in The Idiots.


Super 8

Lasse and Adrian took me to Empire Bio to see Super 8 this Friday. Empire is in my optics the best cinema we have in Copenhagen. The place has atmosphere, the lights are dimmed slightly… it’s a place where you don’t feel like its inconvenient to pick up your tickets half an hour before. It’s a place where I could easily spend a few hours with my book and thanks to their very cosy lounge that would not be a problem at all.

Empire bio has, in my behinds opinion, the best seats which easily makes up for the rather small screens. Also: after the movie I like going to Skt. Hans Torv which is just around the corner with it’s nice bars and places to eat.


As for the movie itself I was very pleased. Spielberg fans will feel a strange tingeling in the place that’s normally reserved for love towards the classic E.T.

Easily the best movie I’ve seen this year though I might revise when I finally manage to pull myself together and get Melancholia over with.